Game presentation

Game presentation


Reign of the Ninja: Tournament of the Young Masters invites you to take part in the biggest ninja tournament in Japan.

7 young Shinobis coming from 7 villages in Otashima province, will contend through a series of tests to try and win the 100 000 gold coins reward.

Reign of the Ninja: Tournament of the Young Masters is both an action, a dexterity and a reflection game grouping several mini games within a unique Ninja tournament.

The game will be available for downloading on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store platforms in 2018.

Distinctive features

  • a design 100% manga
  • a rich universe and fun mini games
  • 2 people can play on the same device
  • 7 ninjas with different talents
  • 7 endings

The Story

For his 60th birthday, the Emperor Hiroshi Ota treats his people to a ninja tournament. To celebrate this event, he asks the 7 heads of village of his province to choose the best ninja among the children aged between 11 and 16. Each chosen contender will represent his village during the tournament and will try to win the 100 000 gold coins reward promised to the winner.

The emperor wants to take advantage of the tournament to tighten the links between the different communities by offering an unforgettable show to the villagers.

Kei OtaOliviaBlackstormRyokoBlowUdoGreen

Kei Ota

11 y.o.

Kei is Hiroshi Ota's son, the emperor of Japan. Despite his young age and his lack of experience, he already has all the qualities of a great ninja! His talent in launching shurikens have convinced his father to enrol him to the tournament to represent the Lightning village.



15 y.o.

Olivia is the best hunter in her village. Her nickname is "sharp eye" and she never misses her target!

She is a fierce warrior and is afraid of nothing! Olivia represents proudly the Earth community.



16 y.o.

Blackstorm is a warrior with a mysterious past. Some say he is possessed by evil. He represents the Death village, which has a reputation for its cults and black magic. Blackstorm is one of the tournament's favourite players. He is planning to leave no chance to his opponents!



13 y.o.

Ryoko comes from the Water village. Her father taught her the rudiments of fishing when she was six. Today, she is the most famous "fisherwoman" of her village.

She is encouraged by all her community and she is the pride of her family.



14 y.o.

Blow represents the Air village. His mastery of the blowpipe has allowed him to join the "skyhunters" unit, a group renowned for using poisoned projectiles. Despite his weight, Blow has a powerful breath that seems endless.



12 y.o.

Udo is a miner's family only child. Like many children of his age, he loves sweets and candies.

Udo is a gifted child and he loves playing with explosives. He represents the Fire community.



16 y.o.

Green is a ninja chameleon. His commando outfit allows him good camouflage in the forest where he goes unnoticed.

He represents the Light village, his adoptive village, after his parents disappeared in a fire.


The Characters

The tournament gathers 7 contenders chosen among the young ninja elite. Each has a special talent (a weapon and a favourite technique) giving him/her an advantage during one of the tournament tests.

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Tournament rules

Jimmy - Commentateur Officiel Jimmy - Commentateur Officiel

Hey there! I'm Jimmy. I am the tournament coordinator.
I will guide you all along the tournament, give you the instructions to follow and give you all the chances to win!

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